We are a homeschooling family with nine children living in rural Virginia. Our interest in soap making began with a history lesson and developed into an artistic passion.

     Our soaps are made with all natural oils – no added chemicals for hardening or to produce lather. Each bar is hand cut, so no two are exactly the same.

     We thank you for your business and hope you enjoy experiencing our “real old fashioned hand made soaps."
Roy & Richelle Spargur
About us…
The Spargur Family...
Guys in back (l-r) Sam, Ben, Roy, Hilman, Seth, Gabriel
Photo by Meredith Alphin
Ladies in front (l-r) Emmy, Abigail, Richelle, Molly, Heather, Ivy, & Heidi (standing)
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Cucumber & Aloe Serum Gel
Witch Hazel Toner
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Talc-Free Deodorant Powder