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We offer a convenient wooden tray that will keep your soap high and dry for only $3.95!
All soap -
4.5 oz bars...
Check out our natural wood soap dishes shown at the bottom of the page!
$5.95 per bar,
3 bars for $16.50,
Buy 4 bars - Get 1 Free!
10 bars for $45
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3 for $16.50
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"If the Justice Department wants to break up a really rough consumer gouge, they should investigate what I am sure must be a nefarious plot between soap makers and soap-dish makers. Have you ever been in a shower or tub with a recessed soap dish that drains? When dripping hand plonks the soap cake into the ribbed receptacle, you can be sure, come the dawn, that the puddle will have turned at least half the soap into a mushy, useless pulp. Do you suppose it is purely a coincidence that no one has yet designed a soap-dish that keeps the cake drained and dry? Cahoots, I say! After them, Justice!"
-- Malcolm Forbes (1968)
We hear you, Mr. Forbes, and we couldn't agree more. It's absolutely criminal to allow soap this beautiful to turn to goo...
*** Our soap, shampoo, lotion and body powder are all available unscented ***
10 for $45.00
Made with the oils of palm, coconut, soy and castor.
Apricot Scrub
Bay Rum
Black Raspberry & Vanilla
Coconut Lemongrass
English Rose
Ginger Lime
Jasmine & Honeysuckle
Lavender Patchouli
Lemon Verbena
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Spearmint & Eucalyptus
Summer Night
Sweet Gardenia
Sweet Pea
Warm Vanilla
White Tea & Ginger
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3 for $11.00
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for $4.76 a bar!
($5.50 per bar)
Soap Scents A to Z...
Clear Skin
Glitter Balls
Transparent Soaps
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Virginia Soaps & Scents
2015 Virginia Soaps & Scents
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Chocolate Cake Slices
Chocolate Cupcakes
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Special Needs Soaps
Activated Charcoal
Pine Tar