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Virginia Soaps & Scents
The Fragrance of Christmas...
O Christmas Tree
This classic holiday fragrance is a delightful mixture of bayberry with notes of cypress, pine and spruce. Conjures memories of a trek to the woods to cut your own Christmas tree.
These bars are as dramatic visually as they are aromatically. The fragrance is a cool, crisp traditional holiday scent reminiscent of old-fashioned peppermint sticks.
Santa's Pipe
A smoky delightful blend of tobacco, bay leaf, cedar and leather. (alias "Virginian" the rest of the year!) Conjures up visions of old Santa in his stocking feet, puffing his long stem pipe seated in an overstuffed leather chair before a crackling wood fire on December 26th.
2015 Virginia Soaps & Scents
Spiced Cider
Chunks of apple, tangerine, lemon , and lime float in a spicy base of cinnamon and clove. This soap returns this Christmas by customer request. Order early because supplies are limited!