This is a really scrubby scrub and it feels wonderful! Our chunky bars came out of the mold looking like polished granite. We chocked it full of ground apricot seed and added some ground walnut shell for variation. The scent is a peachy apricot. Great for gardeners hands, mechanics, and rough heels!
Apricot Scrub
Our original bath and shampoo bar for kids is a cobblestone soap studded with multi-colored chunks of dozens of different scents embedded in a fizzy ginger ale fragrance base. A "fun-in-the-tub soap"! Looks, smells and acts bubbly!
Virginia Soaps & Scents
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2015 Virginia Soaps & Scents
Bay Rum
The classic men's fragrance. A unique blend of bay leaves and exotic spices, bay rum has been a favorite for centuries. The spicy, clean scent of bay rum is always in vogue.
Black Raspberry
& Vanilla
We've had numerous requests for an almond scent in our fragrance line. Here it is! Sweet and nutty, our almond also has a hint of cherry found in all almond oils and extracts. We've found our almond to be a strong, long-lasting fragrance.
Richelle decided to go totally over the top with this customer request. It smells exactly as the name implies - fruity, tart and a hint of sweet. Topped with glycerin soap raspberries, this is a true artisan soap!