Warm Vanilla
A mature, grown-up vanilla blend with hints of lavender and Egyptian musk in the background. A relaxing scent.
A crisp, clean aromatherapy scent peppered with Asian white tea botanicals. A morning soap.
White Tea & Ginger
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This fragrance debuted at Sam's and Stephanie's wedding as soap guest favors and we all fell in love with it! A beautiful feminine fragrance that has become one of our top sellers at shows. Lavender, white, and blue layers with a pearl mica sheen!
Sweet Pea
Virginia Soaps & Scents
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Vetiver is Richelle's newest favorite! The family agreed and we found it equally popular with the guys and the girls. This oil, from the root of an Indian grass, is hard to describe, but we find it clean and relaxing.
Our latest signature scent is the fragrance of the Old Dominion beginning with our roots in Jamestown - a hauntingly beautiful blend of tobacco, bayleaf, cedar and leather. We though this would be considered a masculine fragrance but our testing at shows says we called that one wrong. As many women as men are gushing over this incredible fragrance blend.
2015 Virginia Soaps & Scents