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Clear Skin
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Transparent Soaps
In the tradition of some of the great transparent soap makers of the past, such as Pears and Neutrogena, we bring you Clear Skin. We zapped it with essential oils of tangerine, grapefruit and lemon for a great astringent effect on oily skin and acne.
* See discussion below *
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Most of us have heard transparent soaps referred to as “glycerin soap”. This is not really accurate as glycerin is a natural byproduct of all soapmaking. Transparent soaps must be made by hot processing or literally “cooking” the soap as opposed to our opaque bars which are made by cold process with no external heat applied to the soap, even though opaque soaps can also be produced by hot process. At a particular point in either method the mixture begins to form long crystals which will produce an opaque soap. To prevent those crystals from forming the soapmaker adds grain alcohol, glycerin and table sugar and voila! Transparent soap! This soap is great for crafting some visually stunning effects that can’t be achieved with a cold process.

Note: Because transparent soap is not superfatted with excess oils as our opaque soap is, it will not be as moisturizing… but… the alcohol process both neutralizes the soap and causes it to be very effective on acne and oily skin. Transparent soap has a very slippery lather and lends itself well to shaving.
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Pure fun! Yes, they look exactly like those super rubbery bouncy balls. These large size transparent soap balls sparkle with suspended cosmetic grade glitter. Fragranced with your choice of Bubbly, Strawberry or Lemon Verbena.
Made with our transparent soap and natural loofah gourd slices, these fruity soaps are both moisturizing and exfoliating. Available in coconut lime, mango and papaya, pineapple, and strawberry scents.