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2015 Virginia Soaps & Scents
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Coffee is a great deodorizer whether you use it head to toe in the shower, for general body odors or as a kitchen hand soap to remove odors such as onion, garlic and bleach.
These soap cakes do actually smell as chocolaty as a Hershey's kiss and our cupcakes look like the real bake shop item. Both are now available with the rest of our soap bars. They make unique gifts or party favors... especially for cake lovers and are sure to get a response served up on a tea plate in the ladies room! All layer cake slices and cupcakes come to you gift boxed.
Our Bug-Off Citronella joins our Bug-Off Insect Repellent and Anti-Itch Stick in our line of anti-beasty products. This soap is by special request by several customers who actually swear by using citronella soap before venturing into the great buggy outdoors.
Cupcakes temporarily out of stock