Whipped Moisture Cream
This is our “everything” lotion. Use it head to foot for all your dry skin problems. Safe to use facially. Great under make-up. We have combined the rich emollient quality of palm and coconut with liquid oils to absorb into the skin quickly. We’ve spent years perfecting this long-lasting heavy cream. One of our top-selling products!
A gentle facial exfoliant, we formulate our apricot scrub using our whipped moisture cream base adding finely ground apricot seed. Excellent for removing excess oils and dry skin cells while supplying moisture to the face. A gentle facial scrub is often a good idea in an acne treatment regimen.
$7.95 each
Apricot Facial Scrub
Any 3 for $22.50
I know I'm gushing, but nothing has brought more improvement to my flaky, dry, soapmakers hands than this sugar scrub. Our recipe is the consistency of stiff cookie dough, (not loose and oily like most scrubs) due to a base of shea and cocoa butters rather than liquid oils. I use this scrub on my hands several times a day and on my face at night, as well as in the shower. Salt scrubs can burn, but this brown sugar scrub is thorough, gentle, and even tastes good!
Brown Sugar & Vanilla Scrub
Our all natural clay mask is made from Kaolin Clay (also called China White) and an essential oil mixture of rosemary and mint. You add your own liquid – water, milk, aloe vera juice, herbal tea, etc. Put in your choice of additives if you like, such as ground oats, herbs, poppy seed, teas, or even milk or cocoa powders. The mask is very cooling, exfoliates dead skin cells and tightens pores. We’ve had a ball experimenting with it (as well as scaring the boys!). 1 teaspoon clay to 1 teaspoon liquid will make 1 – 2 applications.
Rosemary & Mint Clay Mask
Skin Care
We have become believers in the Oil Cleansing Method for skin! The basic concept of this cleansing method is oil massaged into the skin will dissolve oils and impurities that have hardened into the pores. Castor oil is the magic bullet in this cleansing method.

We have so much information to share about this product that we have duplicated our informational brochure on our website.
Facial Cleansing and Skin Repair Oil
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NOTE: We cannot be responsible for melting that may occur in shipping with this product during hot weather.
NOTE: We cannot be responsible for melting that may occur in shipping with this product during hot weather.