This picture was taken at our boys’ woodland retreat… complete with ticks and “skeeters”. The boys have been the field testers for our citronella insect repellent. Their response… “Sell it, Mom – it works!” We did and sold out at our largest homeschool conference.

This is a no-chemical, skin-safe repellent made with natural essential oils. The scent is lemony with a hint of lavender.
Bug Off Insect Repellent
$4.95 each
4 oz spray bottle
3 for $14.00
16 oz. refill $18.00
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Anti-Itch Stick
Our Anti-Itch Stick is a soothing formulation containing all natural essential oils in a zinc oxide base to decrease itching, swelling and irritation from insect bites and weed itch.
$4.50 each
2 for $8.00
Our Bug-Off Citronella Soap joins our Bug-Off Insect Repellent and Anti-Itch Stick in our line of anti-beasty products. This soap is by special request by several customers who actually swear by using citronella soap before venturing into the great buggy outdoors.
$5.95 each
Our Bug-Off Citronella Soap can be purchased in quantities or with other soaps on the soap home page.