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We're always whipping up something new around here! And with free shipping at $50 or more and a free soap bar of your choice when you spend over $70, there are so many reasons to try out our new and favorite things!
Yes... We still have bulk pricing and the cart automatically calculates that for you. So have fun shopping, friends!

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Its more than just Soap...

We are committed to using the best colors, the finest fragrances, and the purest ingredients.
Because to us, you are family, too!

VA Soaps and Scents began as a family project. It was a quest to discover the best way to make soap and it grew into a business we are proud to be a part of.

We use these products everyday in our own home. Our soaps and lotions have all been created out of our own needs and interests and are proudly presented here for you to enjoy with your family.

Richelle and Roy look forward to shipping you a big box of beautiful soaps and scents!

God bless!

We are committed to creating excellent soaps and would love to share more about our products with you.

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