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DIY Gel Laundry Soap for 4 Cents Per Load!

If you’re used to washing laundry with liquids or gels, this recipe is for you.  You’ll spend just four cents per load of laundry! And there’s nothing quite as satisfying as doing it yourself.

Basic 2-Gallon Liquid Laundry Soap Recipe

Grate one Virginia Soaps & Scents Hogwash Bar.

  • Add soap to 6 cups of water in a pot and melt over medium heat until smooth and clear.
  • Remove mixture from heat and stir in ½ cup of borax and ½ cup of washing soda.
  • Pour hot mixture into a bucket and add 22 cups (1 ½ gallons) of water. Stir.
  • The mixture can be used immediately but will cool to a heavy gel.
  • Use ½ cup for top loading machines and ¼ cup for high-efficiency machines.
  • For High-Efficiency machines place soap directly into the drum and not through the detergent dispenser.

* Optional – to fragrance add 1-2 Tablespoons of Virginia Soaps & Scents Laundry Fragrance Oil to the hot mixture.

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Powdered Laundry Soap DIY – A Years Supply for under $25!

A Year’s Worth of Super Concentrated Powdered Laundry Soap for less than $25!

You will need:
(4) Virginia Soaps & Scents Hogwash Bars.
(1) box of washing soda 3 lb. 7 oz. ( Arm & Hammer)
(1) 4 lb. box of baking soda ( 5 lb. bags available at Sam’s Club)
(1) container of Oxy-Clean 1.3 lb. or any other store brand color safe
bleach or oxygen cleaner such as Purex or Clorox.

Optional – to fragrance add a few drops of Virginia Soaps & Scents Laundry and Linen Fragrance Oil


      • Finely grate the soap bars. You can use a blender or food processor for this but add some of the

powdered ingredients to keep from gumming up the works!


  • Mix grated soap with the remaining ingredients and store in a covered container.
  • Use only 1-2 Tablespoons per load
  • For High-Efficiency machines place soap directly into the drum and not through the detergent dispenser.


From Conditioner Bar to Cream, Spray, or Detangler!

Our Conditioner Bar has been a customer favorite for a long time.  It’s a long-lasting solid bar that works equally well as a rinse-out or a leave-in conditioner for your hair. But what if you want a cream or spray instead of a solid? What if you need a spray-in detangler?

Here’s how to turn your HoneySilk Conditioner Bar into a conditioning cream or spray!

-Pour 3 cups of water into a small saucepan.
-Thinly slice the conditioner bar into the water.
-Over medium heat, whisk as the bar melts.
-The mixture will quickly become a thick fluffy cream as the bar becomes completely incorporated into the water.

-Transfer the cream into any clean container
-If you prefer a thinner more “pourable” mixture, slowly add water in small amounts until you reach the desired consistency.
-For a spray detangler/conditioner, mix some of your prepared cream conditioner with an equal amount of water and funnel into a spray bottle.
This procedure will make almost a quart of rich, long lasting, cream conditioner. We love the versatility of our solid Honeysilk conditioner bar….and you don’t have to pay for packaging or water!

Frequently Asked Question:

Can I do this same thing with a solid soap or shampoo bar to create a liquid soap?

Sorry! The answer to that is a big no. You’ll just end up with a very sloppy mess of soapy goo.

Transparent Soaps – Oily Skins Best Friend!

Glycerin Soap?

Most of us have heard transparent soaps referred to as “glycerin soap”.  This is not really accurate as glycerin is a natural byproduct of all soap making.

What is Transparent Soap?

Transparent soaps must be made by hot processing or literally “cooking” the soap as opposed to our opaque bars which are made by cold process with no external heat applied to the soap, even though opaque soaps can also be produced by hot process.  At a particular point in either method, the mixture begins to form long crystals which will produce an opaque soap. To prevent those crystals from forming, the soapmaker adds grain alcohol, glycerin, and table sugar and voila! Transparent soap!

Transparent soap, or glycerin soap, is excellent for oily or acne prone skin!

Beautiful transparent soap by Virginia Soaps and Scents.

This soap is great for crafting some visually stunning effects that can’t be achieved with a cold process, such as these Glitter Balls and Loofa Soaps!

Benefits of Transparent Soaps:

Because transparent soap is not superfatted with excess oils as our opaque soap is, it will not be as moisturizing.

But… the alcohol process both neutralizes the soap and causes it to be very effective on acne and oily skin.  Transparent soap has a very slippery lather and lends itself well to shaving.

The REAL Scoop On Soaps

About our soap…

Most of us have grown up calling the rectangular thing in the shower stall soap when most likely it’s not – it’s probably detergent.

You see, during World War II the glycerin in fats was needed to make armaments. Women turned in their scrap cooking fats to support the war effort and they learned to use oleo margarine and detergent instead of butter and soap. Their patriotism was truly remarkable and inspiring, but after the war, butter and soap had to contend with those new, yet firmly entrenched products developed during wartime. Many of these products could be mass produced for much lower prices.

But sometimes we do get what we pay for – like acne, dry stripped hair, suds that won’t rinse out of clothes, and phosphates polluting the water – and oh, yeah – TRANS FATS!!

So what’s in real soap?

Oil and water bound together with sodium hydroxide. That’s it. Basically, a fatty acid (the oil) combined with an alkali (the sodium hydroxide) creates a salt (the soap.) The alkali is neutralized in the reaction, leaving a cleansing, moisturizing compound we call “soap.”

We’ve experienced unbelievable results since we began using our own soaps, which, by the way, we wouldn’t ask you to pay money for if we weren’t willing to use it ourselves. Two of our teenagers are off oral medications for acne. We’ve heard several similar testimonials from others, too. One customer canceled a dermatology appointment for acne after just three days of using our soap. The more “senior” members of the family have experienced a decrease of lines and dryness.

Plus – we try to make it look and smell good.

We won’t claim it’s a cure-all for everything that ails you, but it’s a great shower companion.


All of our bath and body bars and shaving bars are made with palm oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. Shampoo bars are made with palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil.