How To Choose An Exfoliating Soap


Exfoliating Soaps!

Hi again, everybody!  As promised, we’re going to talk in our 4th video blog here about soaps with exfoliants in them. We have three in our line and I’ve set them up here from the most scrubby to the least.

Why exfoliate?

You’re not going to have nice, comfortable, smooth, clear skin unless you get rid of the dead skin. Now our skin naturally exfoliates itself but sometimes it could use some help.

Apricot Scrub Bar

Our scrubbiest exfoliating soap is the Apricot Scrub. The exfoliant in this soap is a combination of apricot seed and walnut shell powder.  Honestly the first time I took it out of the mold, I was a little disappointed, it was smooth.  Then we got it wet! This is definitely the scrubbiest of our exfoliants. This would be great for those bumps on the back of the arm, knees, feet, those problem areas!  The base of this soap is the same formulation as all of our other soaps but with that added apricot seed and walnut shell powder. This would be almost a sandpaper type of scrub.

Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Bar

Following that, an intermediate level would be our oatmeal soap. This has ground oatmeal in it.  As many of you already know, oatmeal is commonly used to alleviate itching, irritations, and that it will do. But we have ground the oatmeal up and put it in this. This is also a very nice, scrubby exfoliating soap, but it is going to be gentler than the apricot scrub.

Mocha Latte Bar

Lastly, we have our Mocha Latte! This is our coffee soap.  This was done by customer request. The exfoliant in this is very light, it’s coffee grounds!  We also put in a chocolatey, coffee and crème brulee fragrance – it smells fantastic. But another benefit to coffee is this: Coffee is a natural deodorizer! So this is a great kitchen soap.  Coffee will remove the smell of fish, garlic, onions, bleach, out of your hands after you’ve been working with them in the kitchen. You can even use it on your cutting boards and your countertops to take out those kinds of odors.

Here they are from most scrubby to least – our three exfoliant soaps – Apricot scrub, Oatmeal Milk and Honey and Mocha Latte.

We’ll see you in our next video!


Apricot Scrub Bar

Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey

Mocha Latte Bar



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