How To: Solid Soaps As Shampoo

How To Use Our Solid Bars as Shampoo!


Richelle, here!

We are going to start doing some video blogs here, to answer the most frequently asked questions that we get at our shows. Gabriel and I pretty much hear the same questions over and over again. So, we’re here to answer those.

Let’s Start!

What we’re going to do is we’re going to start with our number one product, and that’s our soap.  We market our soap as a total body bar. Or sometimes at shows you’ll hear us call it a shampoo/shower/shave bar.  What do we mean by that? By total body bar?

Exactly what it sounds like.  You can use our soap from head to foot. Why? Because we’re putting a very high level of castor oil in that soap.  The castor oil, which I originally put in just to make a nice hard bar of soap, also is what makes the soap conditioning enough for hair, gives you razor-slip for shaving, it’s great for inflammatory skin conditions, and like I said it makes a really hard bar of soap with a great lather.

A Solid Shampoo??

But how do you use a solid for these things?  This is how:

You take your bar of soap in the shower: that’s you’re start.  Get your hair really wet. Good and wet!  Now girls often want to soap up in their hands. No!  😊  Do this the way the boys do it!

You’ve got your hair good and wet, you take that bar of soap, you go directly on your hair with it. Just a few rubs!  That’s all you need.  You’re going to have tons of suds – You’re great! That is how you use a bar as a shampoo.  It’s extremely simple.


Why Choose To Use A Solid Shampoo Bar?

Well number one: Most of your liquids are 80% water! If you use a solid, you’re not paying for water.  Pure product! The bars are long lasting, once again, because of that castor oil. You should get at least 4 – 6 weeks in the shower, or as many uses as what you would normally get out of a big economy 32-ounce bottle of liquid.

We do have some specialty shampoos, but we’re going to deal with them in our second vlog. But this was the simple instructions on how to use any of our soaps as a shampoo!

Tell Us In The Comments (We Read Them ALL!)  –>>

Have you ever used our solids as a shampoo?  Are you planning on trying now that you’ve seen this?  Which scent are you going to try first?


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Maria - February 8, 2018

We were given some of your shampoo bars as a gift. We love them! They leave our hair clean and fluffy. I was comparing sizes and prices. So I weighed some bars on my kitchen scale. Your 2 bars of unscented shampoo say 4.5 oz on the label, but they only weigh 3.6 and 3.7. I’m sure it’s hard to be totally accurate, but thats quite a variance. So is that what I should expect if I order?

    Richelle Spargur - February 8, 2018

    Hi and thank you for your question…it’s not the first time we have been asked this. 4.5 ounces is the “wet weight” of the soap…in other words what it weighs right out of the mold. Over time as the soap cures it loses water and therefore weight. But this also ensures a harder longer lasting bar which is why our grandmothers always recommended unwrapping your soap bars when you brought them home from the store and keeping them in the open air. They knew it increased the longevity of the soap. The weight on the label is by no means meant to be deceptive but with handcrafted bars, some may have been on the drying shelves for a few weeks and others a few months which will definitely affect weight. The great part about soap weight is this…all you lose over time is water due to evaporation. The actual amount of usable soap product remains constant. The older the bars the dryer they will be; they will weigh less but last longer. Hope this helps and thanks again for asking!

tracey - December 9, 2018

Can I use bar soap and conditioner on colored hair? I usually get high lights and low lights about 4 times a year.

    Roy Spargur - December 9, 2018

    Yes you certainly can. My own hair is professionally color treated. Thanks for asking!!

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