Hogwash Stain Remover

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Eliminate chemical-based stain removers from your laundry room.

Simply wet the stain on the fabric, wet the Hogwash Bar, and rub it into the stain.

No need to wash immediately. We have salvaged more clothes than you can imagine!

“This is the best stain remover I have ever used!! I have used this several times and it has performed as promised.
Hogwash is worth every penny! Grease stains are history with this product!”
Melody V. – Richmond, VA

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Solid Bar, Pre-grated

3 reviews for Hogwash Stain Remover

  1. Michelle Ellis (verified owner)

    I use the pre-grated to make my own laundry detergent using the recipes provided. Sometimes I make the gel and then I’ll change up and make the powdered detergent for awhile. Both work well in my HE washer. I use the bar for stain treatment and it works very well.

  2. Carol Wright (verified owner)

    This stain remover performs as promised! Hasn’t let me down yet. Love it

  3. Angela Lewis

    Gave this bar a try on my kids Chick Fil A uniforms,,,some stains are just TOO TOUGH to get out!(I’m a make my own laundry detergent gal) anyways, tried the bar, wet it, sorta smeared the soap over the stain-even though I could still see the stain, and threw it in the wash machine and VOILA!!! the stains came out! Even tried it on ink on my hubby’s work pants-out came the stain!!! Super pleased, glad I bought two bars, going to grate a bar and add it to my next batch of homemade laundry soap. Thanks for such a great product!!

  4. Carol S (verified owner)

    This stain removing bar is the best! I have yet to meet a stain this wouldn’t remove! My kids love using this on their work clothes which often have greasy stains. Plus, there’s no scent and no worries that it will remove any dyes from the fabric itself. I’ve tried many other “stain removing” products off regular store shelves, but this beats them all!

  5. rooslilsis (verified owner)

    This product is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! This summer, I really put it to the test. I spilled pickled, beet juice on my khakis and it came right out. I then got cherry (as in fresh cherry juice) on my shirt. Came right out. I found some chocolate on my new linen dress. I wet it and rubbed Hogwash on it. I didn’t even have to wash the dress. The stain had already come out!
    I use ONLY this from now on. It seems to work on every type fabric. Even for oily, grease stains.

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