Lavender Linen Spray

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The scent of lavender has long been associated with healing, cleansing, and comfort. Spritz your sheets and pillow each night with this lovely scent for more peaceful sleep.

Note: Spray your wool dryer balls with Linen Spray to fragrance your dryer and reduce static.


  1. Carol Smith (verified owner)

    This scent of this lavender spray is just beautiful! I’ve tried other linen sprays from department stores and famous body shops, but this is my absolute favorite! The scent is not overpowering, but exactly how lavender should be—soft and pretty. I’ve been spraying this on my sheets and pillowcases every night since I purchased this. Love it!

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This product contains:

Saponified Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive, and Castor, Colors, and Fragrance.