Dryer Balls

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Throw out those chemical-ridden dryer sheets!


  • Made of 100% pure lambs wool.
  • Use a minimum of 3 in the dryer.
  • The dryer balls will mechanically bounce around and keep the clothes moving so they will dry more quickly and evenly.
  • The absorbent wool will raise the humidity in the dryer air which will help eliminate static and wrinkling.
  • No need to ever clean or wash them… simply leave them in the dryer.
  • They will last virtually forever!

You get 3 dryer balls with each order.


6 reviews for Dryer Balls

  1. Pam

    I have been using these for several years and they are still working great. I like using them instead of the disposable cloths that have chemical softeners in them. Unfortunately, I cannot vouch that they help clothes dry faster because I have had to replace my machine and do not know what the time would be with the chemical clothes vs. these. I have ordered extra sets for family and friends.

    • Brenda Harlacher

      I am starting to get more static cling even with the 3 dryer balls…any advice??

      • AdminRichelle Spargur

        The most common static-causing culprit is over-drying the clothes. Especially in the winter when the outside humidity goes down, this can be an issue. So perhaps cutting down the drying time a few minutes would be helpful. You may also want to spritz some water on the dryer balls to increase the humidity in the dryer. Increasing the number of dryer balls in the dryer will also help.

  2. mjv4me

    I have been using these for many years now. I love the fresh scent and the natural approach for drying our clothes in the dryer. Everything we have ever bought from Virginia Soaps and Scents has been wonderful! I am a very satisfied, long time customer!

  3. Cynthia

    How do you know when they need to be replaced?

    • AdminRichelle Spargur

      They don’t. As long as they are still bouncing around in your dryer they are doing their job. If you lose one, if the cat gets ahold of one and decides not to give it back, that sort of thing might indicate need for a replacement. Other than that, you should be good.

  4. Connie Edwards (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the dryer balls for about a year. I happened across Virginia Soaps at the Hampton Bodacious Bazaar. I love how the balls dry the clothes. I

  5. Rebekah

    When I first began identifying some serious allergens, I bought two sets of these and have been using them ever since! I don’t miss the cost for dryer sheets one bit. If I want a little scent, I just put a drop or two of 100% essential oil on a ball. This eliminates static too. LOVE these!

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