Cucumber & Aloe Serum Gel

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We give full credit to our daughter, Heidi, for developing this product. The serum gel is a combination of soothing aloe, witch hazel to tone and balance pH, and cucumber peel extract to tighten, lift, and tone.

This product has become a chorus of Richelle’s favorite things! She uses it every morning as a primer before applying makeup to give a smooth finish. The stuff is the bomb!

P.S. Makes a fantastic cooling treatment for sunburn!

5 reviews for Cucumber & Aloe Serum Gel

  1. Donna B (verified owner)

    This is a lovely product! I have the cleansing oil, and love it, but this is nice when you don’t need quite as much moisture. It’s light but still moisturizing. Great consistency, and I think it’s wonderful how multipurpose it is – aloe and cucumber are great for sunburn, under eyes, etc.

  2. Zacki Twiford

    I love this product!! I just used the last of mine right before I went to Florida last week. I was missing it so much after being in the sun for a few days. It’s so light and feels cool on your skin and smells divine! It’s great for everyday but I think it would have been amazing after a little too much sun! Thanks for a great, natural product!

  3. Carla Witmer

    It also works great for soothing bugbites!

  4. Angela Lewis

    Purchased this product at the HEAV convention to try out. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it, the scent is amazing, the perfect blend and smells REAL (unlike the other B&B mall store). Just wonderful, it does tighten but in a soothing way, feels super refreshing and only takes second to “dry” on the face-not making your morning routine any longer. The scent doesn’t linger, so I can still use my normal body sprays without any conflict of smells. Glad I bought 2!!!!

  5. Diane (verified owner)

    Great for under makeup and as a light moisturizer. Smells wonderful!

  6. kris10flower (verified owner)

    I had a little milia under my eye that I couldn’t seem to get rid of. I had purchased this product as a serum to use prior to my typical facial moisturizer, and decided to dab a bit on the milia just to see what might happen. Something that I had been trying to get rid of for several weeks was GONE in just a few days. Love this product!

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This product contains:

Aloe Vera Gel, Witch Hazel, Cucumber Peel Extract, Fragrance