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Now you can scrub the kiddies and the bathtub – all at the same time!

Our kid-safe bubble bath produces volumes of luxurious bubbles, smells heavenly, and rinses tub grungies down the drain.  Available in three kid-friendly fragrances in a 16 oz bottle.

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Ginger Ale, Strawberry, Coconut Lime

4 reviews for Bubble Bath

  1. donna (verified owner)

    This is a decent bubble bath. I bought it for myself, not my child. If you are buying this for a child, I think they will enjoy it. the scent isn’t too strong, but sort of sweet and mild. I used three capfuls in a garden tub. This made a lot of bubbles and if you get in the tub immediately, they will probably last. I have a garden tub and I fill it up about 1/3 way, then wait a bit for the hot water to return. After about 15 minutes, I get in and fill it up a little more. Lots of silky bubbles! The bottles are clear now, and the coconut lime bubble bath was green colored. It doesn’t turn the water green. I like clear water, so that was okay with me! By the time I had taken my bath, including washing my hair, the bubbles were gone. If you are a little quicker than me, or giving a bath to a child, they will probably stick around!

  2. Sandra Modersohn (verified owner)

    My little ones are absolutely delighted to have some Virginia Soaps to call their own. (Although I’m not above using it for Mommy Bath Time, too!) We all enjoyed the delicious scent of Coconut Lime, the luscious and thick bubbles, and their skin was so silky soft when we were all done! The only problem… They wanted ANOTHER bath about 15 minutes later. lol

  3. Olivia

    Excellent, safe bubble bath for someone with eczema. Lots of bubbles and great Strawberry scent!

  4. Audrey (verified owner)

    I like it. I wonder why it’s red but it is a great Bubble bath for kids. I will buy it again.

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This product contains:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate and Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Glycerin Color, Fragrance