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We use creosote-free, kiln-burned Swedish pine tar in these cold processed bars. No additional scent is needed as the natural pine tar imparts a very smokey pine scent to the soap.

1 review for Pine Tar Bar Soap

  1. Tres Bien

    Do you have a technical reference or a manufacturer’s certification that substantiates your claim to using “creosote free” pine tar in your soaps? It could be a legally sticky situation for you if someone was to pursue litigation against you based on some perceived harm that they endured as a result of their trust in your claim.

    • AdminRichelle Spargur

      Thank you for bringing this up. The pine tar we use is imported from Sweden. It is a pharmaceutical grade pine tar versus the veterinary grade. The veterinary grade commonly used on horses hooves is usually an open kiln pine tar and contains small amounts of creosote.The difference is in how the product is kilned. In an open kiln process, smoke, ash and charred wood can get into the tar and form creosote. The closed kiln process keeps the tar pure. We are aware that many soap makers are using an open kiln veterinary grade pine tar in their soaps as it can be argued that the amount of creosote it contains is nominal. Even though the price differential was enormous to say the least…we decided not to chance it and went with the pharmeceutical grade from Sweden. The manufacturer, Hans Enebacke, Verkstadsgatan3, Auson AB, guarantees that all their tars are creosote free. Thank you again for this very important question!

  2. Jesse

    I picked up a bar of this pine tar soap at an event and was eager to see if it would help with my seborrheic dermatitis. I have been using this soap on my scalp and face to soothe irritation and inflammation of my skin. It also keeps build up to a minimum. I used this soap and essential oils to moisturize my skin. From my experience, this works just as well as, if not better than, treatments recommended to me by doctors.

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Saponified Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive, and Castor, Colors, and Fragrance.