Sweet Gardenia Bar Soap

$5.95 $4.95

1 – 4 bars – $4.95 each

5 – 9 bars – $4.50 each

10 or more – $4.00 each!



We are bidding farewell to Gardenia to make room for another old southern floral favorite. (But we’re not revealing what it will be quite yet.)  For now we are offering our remaining stock at a significantly lower price.  All you gardenia lovers stock up! 

Being from the northern Midwest we were not familiar with the gardenia. We were swept off our feet the first time this intoxicating fragrance came wafting in our open windows here in Virginia! A classic, timeless floral.


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This product contains:

Saponified Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive, and Castor, Colors, and Fragrance.