White Tea & Ginger Bar Soap

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A crisp, clean aromatherapy scent peppered with Asian white tea botanicals. A morning soap.

4 reviews for White Tea & Ginger Bar Soap

  1. jdakmd (verified owner)

    This soap has the perfect scent, especially if you are an allergy sufferer like me! I can’t use most scents, but I love this one! This soap should be in every bed & breakfast in the state – it is elegant with the perfect ‘vintage’ look and aroma!

  2. Maria Cagle (verified owner)

    Such a relaxing scent. Very Calming and not overpowering. Nice way to end the day!

  3. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this soap. Smells wonderful and lasts for a long time. Perfect for anyone with allergies. Great gift giving idea.

  4. Audrey (verified owner)

    I love it! As a teen I used Bath and Body Works white tea and ginger body wash and lotion. This smells even better, more natural and, of course, local! I can’t day enough about the scent. It’s very good. I will buy it again!

  5. jtchosenlady

    Found this wonderful company and THIS SOAP years ago at a homeschool conference in Richmond, VA. A joy to talk with these folks, and this refreshing bar of soap is like a retreat every time I use it. STOCK UP, you’ll be glad you did! -J Tricarico, Fairfax

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This product contains:

Saponified Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive, and Castor, Colors, and Fragrance.