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How To: Use Our Specialty Shampoo Bars

In our last Vlog, you learned how to use any of our bar soaps as a shampoo.  Did you know that we also sell specialty shampoo bars for different kinds of hair?  Here’s Richelle to take you through them!  (Let her know in the comments if you have any questions!)

Here’s Richelle to talk about specialty shampoo bars from VA Soaps!


Hi everybody!  I’m back again and as promised we’re going to discuss our specialty soaps that we’ve got here.  Now, in our first video, we explained how and why you can use our soap line as a shampoo/shower/shave bar.  Now, I’m going to deal with a couple of our specialty soaps here.  We have our Rosemary and Mint and our Tangerine Grapefruit.  The Rosemary & Mint is an olive backboned soap.  Olive oil is a conditioning oil. So the Rosemary and Mint might be a little bit better for those of you who are dealing with really dry hair or skin. Not just hair!  You can use these head to foot!

Then we also have the Tangerine Grapefruit.  Tangerine Grapefruit has a coconut backbone.  That’s a deep cleaning oil.  That makes this Tangerine Grapefruit better for your fine or oily hair that tends to be weighted down.  Also for hair that has product in it!  If you use mousse, hair spray, sculpting waxes in your hair and you need to clarify your hair every few shampoos, the Tangerine Grapefruit might be a good option for that.  Not just for hair, but also for oily skin.

I also tell everyone who comes to our booth that if you normally use conditioner in your hair you are still going to want to condition your hair if you use the solids.  It just so happens that we make a solid conditioner bar!  Conditioner is nothing but lotion for hair!  It’s just an advanced lotion. Once again, ours is solid, it has no water in it.  All you do is, you’ve got your nice clean hair, you take the bar and rub it directly on your wet hair and work it through to the ends.  You’ll get that nice slippery lotion feel that you’ll get from any conditioner.  You can use it as a rinse out or leave in!  Also, because it really is a solid lotion, use it as a shaving bar, especially for underarms and legs.  It makes a fantastic wet lotion in the shower for your skin.  Especially right now when it’s so dry.  It’s one of our most versatile products.

That’s our specialty shampoo line!