Transparent Soaps – Oily Skins Best Friend!

Glycerin Soap?

Most of us have heard transparent soaps referred to as “glycerin soap”.  This is not really accurate as glycerin is a natural byproduct of all soap making.

What is Transparent Soap?

Transparent soaps must be made by hot processing or literally “cooking” the soap as opposed to our opaque bars which are made by cold process with no external heat applied to the soap, even though opaque soaps can also be produced by hot process.  At a particular point in either method, the mixture begins to form long crystals which will produce an opaque soap. To prevent those crystals from forming, the soapmaker adds grain alcohol, glycerin, and table sugar and voila! Transparent soap!

Transparent soap, or glycerin soap, is excellent for oily or acne prone skin!

Beautiful transparent soap by Virginia Soaps and Scents.

This soap is great for crafting some visually stunning effects that can’t be achieved with a cold process, such as these Glitter Balls and Loofa Soaps!

Benefits of Transparent Soaps:

Because transparent soap is not superfatted with excess oils as our opaque soap is, it will not be as moisturizing.

But… the alcohol process both neutralizes the soap and causes it to be very effective on acne and oily skin.  Transparent soap has a very slippery lather and lends itself well to shaving.

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curlytop6311 - September 12, 2017

Which bar soap would you suggest for acne proned skin? I bought the facial cleansing oil, the whipped cream, and the aloe at the homeschool convention in Winston Salem back in May. I would love a bar soap to use in the shower to help with my acne. Thanks in advance.

    Richelle Spargur - September 12, 2017

    Hi April,
    Our number one acne soap is The Clear Skin Bar. We have had excellent reviews on it. Please give it a try and I hope it is what you’re looking for.


tsrizer - October 11, 2017


Just a kudos for the Loofa soaps, they are so easy to take with me to the gym or camping and I have my soap and loofa in one. I love the smell as well.

Tammie Rizer

Marry Johnsan - August 6, 2018

Hey, Thank you for sharing this guide. I am currently facing oily skin issue. But after using some tips and remedies that you mentioned it’s beginning to decrease. so thanks again for sharing this great info.

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