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We love our wholesale partners!

Thank you for your interest in bringing VA Soaps to your customers. Please fill out the form below (all fields are required) and we’ll get in touch with you soon about your application.

If you have questions, please contact us at Richelle@va-soaps.com.


Wholesale Application
Please explain in more detail how you plan to sell VA Soaps products.
By clicking "agree" and submitting this form I agree to abide by the rules for wholesalers for Virginia Soaps and Scents which includes the following, but may be updated at any time. Wholesalers must order each product/variation in lots of 5 and each order must total a minimum of $150. Products purchased through wholesale accounts are intended to be resold to customers in your own store. You agree to never sell VA Soaps products on Etsy.com or Amazon.com and may be asked to remove products from other 3rd party sellers if we find the need to do so. You agree to keep all packaging/tags on products as they arrive to you through the sale to the final customer. This is a summary of our rules. It is best to ask if your use is permitted rather than assume it is. You can email us at Richelle@va-soaps.com if you have any questions.